Read Our Comments to the FCC, Our Letters to DHS and County Officials, and More!

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments to urge the FCC to cap the exorbitant interstate phone rates in prisons and jails!  Read our official comments to the FCC. Other individual comments from coalition members and allies are available on the FCC’s website.

But the FCC isn’t the only entity that can help the families of people in prison and jail stay connected with their loved ones.  In fact, we need action from other local, state, and federal agencies to put an end to kickbacks. Several states (including New York) have already ended kickbacks and lowered rates–but not New Jersey!

First, counties can act to ensure fair rates. Read our letter to Essex County, NJ and their letter refusing to be accountable on this issue.

Second, states can act to regulate or legislate fair rates.  Read the testimony of Karina Wilkinson at the NJ State Budget Hearings.

Third, other federal agencies can act, like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)–which has contracts with local counties and private entities to detain immigrants and has the power to prevent kickbacks on telephone services.  Read our formal request to DHS.

Now it’s time to pressure all of these entities to act. Want to get involved? Contact [email protected] today.